Postal Watch Repairs

We offer a comprehensive freepost watch repair service which is fully insured, secure and convenient. It is important that your treasured time piece is safely sent to us – you can follow the steps below to send your watch in yourself, alternatively we can send you the required freepost packaging, including a paid for Special Delivery envelope. Please click below to request your postal watch repair packaging.

Free Special Delivery Packaging

Wrapping Your Watch

Follow the steps below to safely post your watch. If you are unsure then request your free packaging and postage paid special delivery envelope here

Post your watch

First lay the long piece of bubble wrap out and place the watch at one end

Post your watch

Fold the bubble wrap length wise in thirds to cover the watch and end up with a long thin folded piece of bubble wrap

Post your watch

Roll the watch the entire length of this thin strip until you end up with a tight wrap of bubble wrap with the watch hidden in the middle

Post your watch

Place this tight roll in to the box which should be a snug fit so the watch does not move around

Post your watch

Seal the box with sellotape

Download the form below and print it out filling in your details and any other comments, or alternatively get our free packaging with the form included for you.

Download and Print the Form

Post your watch form

Special Delivery envelopes can be obtained for free from your post office.

  • Before placing the watch in the envelope fill our address: Time Restoration, 10 Richardson Road, Hove, Brighton, BN3 5RB
  • Then fill in your return address
  • Place the box in the envelope and remove the film from the glue strip allowing you to seal the envelope

special delivery envelope

  • Take the parcel to the post office and ask it to be sent Special Delivery Next Day
  • They will ask you the value of the parcel for insurance, this will affect the cost, alternatively let us pay
  • You will receive a receipt with a number you can track your parcel with online, keep this safe until we confirm safe delivery of your watch

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