We Service All Pocket Watches From New To Over 400 Years Old

  • All pocket watch repairs are on site, we never send away
  • If you find you can’t get parts then we can make them for you
  • We are the pocket watch experts and have worked on some of the most historically important pieces
  • Free estimates usually within 48 hours


All estimates are carried out for free in-store or by post

How To Safely Post Your Watch

Just Some Of The Escapements We Have Worked On

Arnold Pivoted Detent, Breguet Cylinder, Breguet Lever, Breguet Pivoted Detent, Breguet Robin, Chronometer, Cylinder, Debaufre, Detent, Double Wheel Duplex, Duplex, Emery Lever, English Lever, Fasoldt, Frictional Rest, Grant Lever, J.F.Cole Double Rotary Detached, Leroux Lever, Lever, Massey Lever, Pendleton Lever, Perigal Lever, Pouzait Lever, Rack Lever, Robin, Rotary Detent, Spring Detent, Sully, Swiss Lever, Taylor Lever, Verge, Virgule